Lazy Liza Lizard Lazy Liza Lizard
"Old books are best - how tale and rhyme
Float with us down the stream of time!"
- Clarence Urmy, Old Songs are Best

Lazy Liza Lizard sneaked up on me soon after my 40th birthday. The stories were read to us in grade school when I was growing up in a sleepy Kentucky town on the Ohio River. Although the details were hazy, I felt certain these stories had influenced my values and outlook on life. I searched for several years for a copy but with no luck. Finally, eBay presented an opportunity to own one. After reading it, I did not regret the outrageous cost. Since then, I have seen the book sell for 4 times the amount I paid. Since publishing this web site, I have received many emails and letters from folks who recall this delightful character from their childhood and want to read the stories to their own children.

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"When you plan a good plan and the plan won't work,
Just plan another plan; don't quit or shirk."
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